With its "CT-Millennium" numerical control, Robofil 240 is one of the world's most versatile submerged wire EDM machines. This machine, the product of Charmilles' many years of experience as an industry leader, supports a wide variety of stamping tools, moldmaking and mechanical engineering applications.

The new Windows NT-based control makes the machine much more user-friendly and drastically shortens the learning cycle. An easy-to-use touch screen greatly facilitates and accelerates operator input. The operator is guided by drawings, which illustrate the available options. Despite its modern and clean look, it remains very compatible with previous Charmilles systems and is easy to link to other computers and robots. The control also supports Ethernet communications.

The fixed table of the Robofil 240 supports heavy loads as it's made of thick stainless steel and rests directly on a rhenocast main frame. The Robofil 240 also is equipped with Integrated Collision Protection (ICP). The ICP prevents damage to the machine if a workpiece or clamping device, for example, is in the path of the machine's operation. This can prevent downtime and repair expense.

Charmilles had developed a unique and exclusive process to widen the range of available applications with the design of symmetrical XY and UV tables. These travels are X (U) 13.77 x Y (V) 8.66 on the Robofil 240 and X (U) 21.65 x Y (V) 13.77 on the Robofil 440. A programmable Z-axis allows several workpieces of varying heights to be worked on simultaneously without operator intervention.

With more and more industrial sectors making use of wire EDM for machining tall workpieces, the Robofil 240/440 delivers 30 degrees of taper irrespective of Z position. The Robofil 240 achieves angles of 30 degrees across the entire length of Z travel programmable from 0 to 8.66".

Another outstanding feature of the Robofil 240 is its new, unique, and fast wire threading system, which stretches the wire and cuts it under the effect of heat. A cooling airflow inside the tube allows to accurately control the cutting point's exact location. The wire cutter is maintenance-free since it has no parts that are subject to wear. It leaves no burrs and a tapered wire tip makes it easy to pass through the wire guides.