The development of new innovative products and technologies for transportation and automobiles' construction requires, as main elements, the increase of the energetic efficiency and the reduction of the pollution's effects. These two elements, as well as the increase of the passengers' safety and comfort, have led to the large use of the electric drives systems in the auto equipment. The consumers' requirements have determined producers to concentrate on cheaper, safer, more reliable, fault tolerant, easy to deal with products, with small energy consume. They must be application oriented in order to: consume reduce of the fossil combustible, increase the control capability of the automobile, increase of the passengers' safety and comfort.

The subject of this proposal can be included in the DC-7, research direction 7.5., research area: 7.5.4. (Products and technologies for automotive industry)
This project aims the modernization, consolidation and extending of the infrastructure for some laboratories from the Excellency Center in Electrical Machines and Drives form Technical University of Cluj-Napoca based on the development of a rapid prototyping, testing, monitoring and diagnosis platform in electrical machines, drives and devices, having two main components (experimental and for information-documenting part). The four modules approached in order to modernize, consolidate and extension are:
•  1 st module: rapid prototyping for electrical machines and devices, which will assure the building of the prototypes of the electrical machines and devices developed in the research activity frame;
•  2 nd module: testing for noises, vibrations and thermal analysis of the electrical machines, drives and devices;
•  3 rd module: testing of the electromagnetic compatibility of the electrical machines, drives and devices;
•  4 th module: monitoring and diagnosis of the electrical machines, drives and devices.

The project will sustain the development of a specialized site, in order to improve the utilization degree of the R&D public infrastructure, and to develop the scientific documentation infrastructure.
The modernization, consolidation and extension of the existing infrastructure and CD equipments activity will be supported by the development of the information and documentation infrastructure achieved by:
•  modernization and increase of the existing documentation's quality (by purchasing of a new publications in this filed of activity – books, guides, conference proceedings; by elaboration of the corresponding documentations for the approached modules; by elaboration of didactic materials for presenting the design methods, testing, monitoring and diagnosis algorithms etc.)
• development of a dedicated site in order to assure information and communications for education (especially for Doctoral school and long distance education), respectively research (for the access of the scientific community – national and international – to the results obtained by the Center )