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Center of Applied Researches in Electrical Engineering and Sustainable Development (CAREESD)



  • Classical Electrical Machines, Room 7 (192 m2)
  • Electromechanical Systems , Room 6 (87 m2)
  • CAD 1 (computers), Room 9a (42 m2)
  • CAD 2 (computers), Room 4 (48 m2 )
  • Research lab for Ph.D. students, Room 7a (45 m2).


Electrical machines in 0.01-5 kW power range:

  • squirrel cage rotor and wounded rotor induction machines
  • two-phase and mono-phase induction machines
  • salient poles and round rotor synchronous machines
  • separately excited, series excited and compound excited dc machines
  • permanent magnets synchronous machines with classic and reversed construction
  • variable reluctance machines
  • switched reluctance machines SRM
  • electronic commutated synchronous machines
  • stepper motors
  • axial and radial flux motors
  • dc servomotors
  • claw-poles generators
  • three and mono-phase autotransformers
  • brushless dc motors
  • linear motors

Testing equipment:

Power sources:

  • Three-phase AC mains of 380/220 V, 400 KVA, 50 Hz
  • Variable three-phase AC source of 4-600 V, 50 Hz
  • DC generators of 40-400 V (variable output), 110 V, 220 V
  • Three-phase synchronous generator of 14 kW, 380/220 V, 50 Hz
  • Full commanded rectifiers of 0-220 V, 20 A.
  • Programmable source HM 7044
  • Programmable d.c. power source, 5kW, EA-PS8200-70.
  • Supply source DR -45-24
  • Functions generator Hameg - HM 8131
  • Litium-Polimer bateries (48Vdc/60Ah).
Frequency converters:
  • MICROMASTER Integrated MI220/3, 2.2 KW (Siemens)
  • ACS600 - with Direct Torque Control (ABB Industry Oy)
  • MICROMASTER (Siemens)
  • SIMOVERT MC (Siemens)
  • Rectifier: SIMOREG DC Master for 4 quadrant operation (Siemens)
  • Frequency converter Simovert MC 10 ,2A
  • ACS 600 with DTC (ABB Ind. Oy)
  • Rectifier LZ 000000102532
  • Intelligent inverter 1 kW, PWR, Mod. DM 30021
  • IGBT 3 M-50GB -123 inverter
  • Electromagnetic brakes:1,5 kW, 3 kW
  • Powder based brake, 3kW, Langlois.
  • Variable loads: resistive loads 3 kW, capacitive loads 2 kVar, variable inductive loads 2 kVar
  • Programmable d.c./a.c. load, 1.8kW, CROMA63800.
  • Starting resistive loads of various types
  • Testing to vibrations system

Measuring equipment:

  • Torque transducer units: Dr. Steiger Mohilo & Co. GmbH, ASEA
  • Torque transducer unit: 6000rpm, 50Nm, Dataflex22
  • Incremental position transducer (Siemens)
  • Accelerometer 625B01
  • Condensor microphone 377A40 with pre-amplifier 426A30
  • Data acquisition Systems (National Instruments Inc.)
  • Digital oscilloscopes: Tektronix TD270, HM 303 with Developers Toolkit Lab, OX 7104CK, MTX 3252-c, TDS 1001 B, Rigol DS1022C.
  • Handy Power Quality Analyzer Chauvin Arnoux CA8332
  • Precision digital TRMS multimeter Metrawatt METRAHIT29s (with the following accesories: 2 mains power pack, 2 clip-on measuring
  • instruments, 2 thermal sensors for surface and immersion measurements)
  • Digital M9502 multimeter, 7 functions
  • Encoders
  • Over 100 de classical analogue measuring instruments (ammeters, voltmeters, wattmeters, frequency meters etc.)
  • Over 20 new high performance digital measuring instruments.
  • Noises and vibrations measuring module

Development and control equipment:

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs): SIMATIC S7 200, LOGO! (Siemens), S7-300 with extensions, Profibus interface, accessories, etc.
  • dSPACE ACE Kit with DS1103 PowerPC GX and dSPACE Software, 2 pieces
  • dSPACE ACE Kit with DS1004
  • FieldPoint real-time distributed industrial control systems (National Instruments)
  • Wireless industrial communication systems Pocket PC Sharp Zaurus SL500/Linux, with accessories
  • Motion Control Kit MCK2407 Technosoft based on TMS320F2407 processor Motion Control Kit with DSP: MCK28335
  • Drive Kit for electric scuter 3 kW (motor with reversed construction + converter)
  • EMS-WX 35E (Ematron) system for SRM
  • Electronic module for signal conditioning
  • 4-Axis Stepper/Servo Controller for PCI PCI-7344 (National Instruments)
  • Development module DS PIC DEM-DM 300020
  • Ac.Dv 164005 device
  • USB 6008 Low-Cost Multifunctional device
  • USB 6008 Student Kit device
  • Industrial communications system Pocket PC Sharp Zaurus SL500, with accessories.


  • MATLAB Suite (MATLAB + SIMULINK + Symbolic Math Toolbox) for 5 seats for general numeric and symbolic computations and for simulating dynamic systems.
  • MagNet v6 for 8 seats (with 2D/axisymmetric magnetostatic solver, 2D/axisymmetric time-harmonic solver, 2D/axisymmetric transient + motion solver, scripting form and parameterisation facilities) for general electromagnetic field computations.
  • LabView, general purpose data acquisition and virtual instrumentation software.
  • Flux2D & Flux3D (v11.2), 2 permanent licenses with the following modules: Environement, Magnetostatic, Steady AC Magnetic, Transient Magnetic, Coupling with Circuit Equations, Rotating Motion, Translating Motion, Steady State Thermal, Transient Thermal, Steady AC magnetic coupled to Transient Thermal, Skew, Iron Losses, Flux to Simulink link (for 2D), respectively Environement, Magnetostatic, Steady AC magnetic, Transient Magnetic, Coupling with Circuit Equations, Rotating Motion, Translating Motion, Iron Losses (for 3D).
  • JMAG Designer 14 software for 2D/3D magnetic field analysis.
  • Lab.Amesim, Virtual.Lab, Test.Lab granted by Siemens Industry Software (Leuven and Brašov)
  • EPLAN 5.30, general purpose electrical engineering CAD program package (8 professional licenses + 2 SC1 licenses).
  • ENGINEERING BASE 3.0, general purpose electrical engineering CAD program package (6 licenses).
  • SIMPLORER 4.2 power electronics modelling and simulation (8 licenses).
  • STEP7-MicroWin 3.0 and LOGO! software for the Micro S7-200 and Micro S7-300 PLCs.