Automotive Low-Noise Electrical Machines and Drives Optimal Design and Development



Tip proiect: PCCA tip 2


Coordonator: Universitatea Tehnica din Cluj-Napoca

Partener P1: SC LMS Romania SRL, Brasov

Partener P2: Universitatea Politehnica din Bucuresti – Centrul de cercetare Stiintifica “Echipamente de Conversie Electromecanica a Energiei”

Director de proiect: Claudia MARTIS

Rezumat: ALNEMAD project will bring together knowledge, equipment, and competences in an integrated, open architecture co-simulation-based environment for the design, modeling and testing of Low-Noise Electrical Machines and Drives (EMDs) for automotive applications, named DeMoTest platform. The proposed project supports multi-disciplinary research, investigates and experiments with future visions and emerging technologies in the complex engineering domain. This highly complex venture requires the jointed forces (experience and expertise) of all the four partners. Research will be assessed through experimental models building, testing and evaluation activities. ALNEMAD contributes to the development of new advanced design, modeling and testing methods and tool for low-noise optimal EMDs for automotive applications. The contribution of the consortium of ALNEMAD project will provide and reinforce the cooperation in the research field of the project. It will enhance the competitiveness of the private partners, in order to produce products and provide services related to the implementation of DeMoTEST platform such as low-noise EMDs or set the standards for Model-based Systems Engineering with mechatronic simulation software, physical prototype testing systems and engineering services.